Pacific Northwest Cannabis Grower Recognized for Cultivating the Best-Tasting Bud on Earth

Media Contact: Shawna H.
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EUGENE, Ore.—HighTimes has compiled its first-ever list of “Best-Tasting Buds on Earth,” and cannabis grower TJ’s Organic Gardens boasts the number one spot for their now-famous TJ's Durban Poison.

“TJ's Durban Poison offers an overwhelming flavor with a unique high,” said Jim Murphy, co-owner of TJ’s Organic Gardens. “It’s a landrace strain from Africa that has a very high THCV. As growers, our approach is to let the plant tell us what it wants, and we try to accommodate it as much as possible.”

HighTimes is known for being the definitive resource for all things marijuana, from cultivation and legalization to entertainment and exposing the War on Drugs. Their “Best-Tasting Buds on Earth” list is based on using the latest in lab-testing technology as well as a state-of-the-art cannabis scoring and ranking system, known as the HighTimes Scorebook, which is used at all Cannabis Cup events to pick the winning entries. Click here for a complete explanation of HighTimes’s detailed assessment criteria.

“TJ's grows some pretty awesome strains, my favorite being Durban Poison, [which is] uplifting and guaranteed to put a smile on your face,” said Leafly reviewer sammybelle.

TJ’s Organic Gardens is owned and run by Jim Murphy, Travis MacKenzie and James Orpeza—three friends who originally pursued the cannabis industry to help MacKenzie’s wife, who suffered a traumatic brain injury and sought an alternative to prescribed medications that were negatively affecting her health and recovery process.

TJ’s Organic Gardens has earned multiple awards for quality and potency. TJ’s Organic Gardens has won five HighTimes Medical Cannabis Cups in Seattle and was also named People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice at the Dope Cup Awards. Most recently TJ's Organic Gardens won numerous awards at the NW Cannabis Classic Competition in Tacoma, Washington. Medical and recreational consumers can purchase TJ’s Organic Gardens products at select dispensaries throughout Oregon and Washington, including TJ’s Organic Provisions in Eugene.

“A common misconception people have about cannabis is that it is easy to grow high-quality plants,” said Orpeza. “Yes, it is a weed and it does not take much to help it grow. But to cultivate connoisseur-quality cannabis, it takes knowledge, hard work, experience, dedication, humility, and of course, true passion for the plant. And a natural green thumb doesn’t hurt.”

About TJ's Organic Gardens

TJ’s Organic Gardens was established by three friends on a mission to provide comfort to those in pain. With farms in both Oregon and Washington, TJ’s Organic Gardens is committed the pursuit of growing perfect marijuana—developing and acquiring spectacular genetics and then fully allowing the plant to reach its natural, genetic potential and processing at the optimal time. TJ’s Organic Gardens is also known for donating free cannabidiol (CBD) oil to any child with a seizure disorder and OMMP card. Learn more at