TJ’s Organic Gardens Places First at NW Cannabis Classic Competition


Media Contact: Stephanie Calderon
Manager, TJ’s Organic Provisions

EUGENE, Ore.—On August 30th, TJ’s Organic Gardens—the grower behind TJ’s Organic Provisions—received multiple awards at the NW Cannabis Classic Competition in Tacoma, Washington. TJ’s MK Ultra placed first in the hybrid category and TJ’s Chocolate Kush placed second. TJ’s White Label placed first in the indica category and TJ’s Durban Poison placed second in the sativa category. Judging criteria is based on appearance, aroma, flavor and effect. Total scores can be found online here.

Trophies won by TJ's at the NW Cannabis Classic Competition.

Trophies won by TJ's at the NW Cannabis Classic Competition.

"TJ’s was excited to be a part of the first Northwest Cannabis Classic in Tacoma, and we were thrilled to win four of the nine flower awards given out,” said James Orpeza of TJ’s. “It was great networking with industry professionals and talented growers from the area, as well as growers who won the Alaskan event. We will be definitely be back next year!"

Earlier this year in April, TJ's MTF also earned a first place award for best sativa at the 4th annual DOPE Cup at 7-Point Studios in Seattle. Read more here.

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About TJ's Organic Gardens

TJ's Organic Gardens' MK Ultra

TJ's Organic Gardens' MK Ultra

TJ’s Organic Gardens was established by three friends on a mission to provide comfort to those in pain. With farms in both Oregon and Washington, TJ’s Organic Gardens is committed the pursuit of growing perfect marijuana—developing and acquiring spectacular genetics and then fully allowing the plant to reach its natural, genetic potential and processing at the optimal time. TJ’s Organic Gardens is also known for donating free cannabidiol (CBD) oil to any child with a seizure disorder and OMMP card. Learn more at

About TJ’s Organic Provisions

James Orpeza of TJ's with Tom Alexander, Jorge Cervantes, & Jeff Lowenfels

James Orpeza of TJ's with Tom Alexander, Jorge Cervantes, & Jeff Lowenfels

TJ’s Organic Provisions is a boutique purveyor of award-winning, organic cannabis. Based in the Pacific Northwest, their down-to-earth farmers skillfully cultivate every plant with the utmost care and are highly regarded for their leading practices, deep respect for nature, and passion for helping others find happiness naturally. Their signature dispensary is located in Eugene, Oregon, just minutes from downtown. There they offer a hand-picked collection of flowers, edibles and extracts sourced from their very own gardens as well as trusted partners they’ve personally selected. Visit to learn more.

About The NW Cannabis Classic

The NW Cannabis Classic (NWCC) is a series of cannabis competitions and trade fairs taking place in three Northwest cities: Anchorage, Alaska, Tacoma, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. The NWCC offers a world-class cannabis experience celebrating cannabis culture and NW growers while building the industry in three states where recreational cannabis is now legal. The competitor whose entry has the highest overall score after the culmination of all three events will be crowned the “Canna-Best-of-the-Best of the Northwest.”