Meet Jim Murphy


Jim Murphy co-owns TJ's Organic Provisions and TJ's Organic Gardens with partners Travis MacKenzie and James Orpeza.


Tell us a little about your personal background.

I grew up in the marijuana/drug industry. It was commonplace to smoke marijuana in my home and I grew up with disdain for the industry. I was inclined to seek non-using friends. I spent four years in the military at age 19, which helped me. I bounced from meaningless job to meaningless job until I started working in the electrical industry, which I pursued with a passion for the first 10 years. Eventually it was no longer challenging, so when medical marijuana became a potential source of income I decided to get back into the industry... this time as an adult. I have never been happier. I spent a good portion of my life avoiding what ultimately made me the happiest.

What do you like most about growing?

I love the plant, the rewarding feedback from patients, and the competition, 

In your opinion, what makes Eugene special?

The acceptance of all walks of life, which makes our community very eclectic. 

What’s your favorite TJ’s product? 

MTF! It is the holy grail of the soaring high. Stupefying and energetic... the perfect Sunday morning marijuana.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like hanging out with my son Bodhi and playing video games. Currently I'm playing Destiny. Hit me up on PSN Shrapn3L-nF.

What excites you most about legalization?

The end of the weight of prohibition.

What’s a common misconception people have about cannabis?

It isn’t an all-encompassing feeling. When you consume too much alcohol you are capable of losing control. Marijuana is not that way. It's far more subtle.